More About the North

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My post yesterday reminded me of some highlights from the trip my wife and I took along Hadrian’s Wall in ’16.

The Anchor Hotel in Haydon Bridge is a nice place. Quaint rooms, good food, reasonable rates, fine location in the village.

But the most memorable part of staying there was that when we checked in, there was a wake happening in the bar. That’s a one-of for us.

We also had a nice dinner one night at the General Havelock Inn.

In Haltwhistle I ate some of the best pub food I’ve ever had.

Our home away from home away from home was The Black Bull.

The pints. Oh the pints!

And I spent much of *ahem* a couple days there reading through these two finds from the corner book shelves:

Perfect fodder for the journey.

While at the Milecastle Inn I went for the game pie.

Best meat pie I’ve ever eaten. No contest! I still yammer about it. Just ask her.

After all was said and done I came home from the North with a greater knowledge of the Roman wall, a new love I’m still pursuing of the Border Reivers and admiration for the people who live there now.

Broken forts and shattered castles will do that to a man.

I’d go back tomorrow.

Comments Are Live!

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I’ve enabled comments on my Blog and Blather pages.

With the death of first Google Plus and then Yahoo Groups I decided to help fill the gap left by them in what small way I can. So here we are.

But I want to be a doorman, not a bouncer. When you sign on you’ll be asked who you are somewhere else and I’ll go look you up. If you’re conversational and constructive, you’re in. It’s that easy.

If I already know you, your email or your handle elsewhere just give me the minimum and I’ll hook you up.

Caveat: Comments will be possible on new posts for two weeks only.

All posts I made before today though, will be open for a month before they close again. That’ll give you more time to chime in on any of my older stuff should you wish to.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Book Golems and Swarms

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Here’s that Book Golem I mentioned a while back, plus a Swarm of Books.

Book Golem and Swarm of Books

They’re statted for Swords & Wizardry.

Read Aventyr Bestiary and Pact of the Tome to get a better feel for them. Oh, and, Pact of the Tome looks like a zombie blog so you might want to get on that.

I’m sure I’ve seen a fig of a Swarm of Books out there somewhere but can’t remember where. It might have been a one-off mod. I can even picture the photo, but hell if I can find it now.