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So this is happening on Kickstarter: Go and back it because it is cool. Cactus Jack in particular is calling my name. I’ve already got some ThunderChild figs; it’s all good stuff.

Atomic Six-gun Robo-Gorilla

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In case you don’t already know Atomic Robo is right up there with ligers. And the only way Atomic Robo could be better is if he was a talking — and smoking — Six-gun Gorilla. Lucky for us: Ape here; Bot here.

Orden del Hacha

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  The Spanish Christian women of Tortosa stand ready to protect their persons and property from the dastardly Moors. Rather than recap: Orden del Hacha Second Crusade   There’s a whack of manufacturers in there: Lead Adventure, Micro Art Studio, Freebooter, Reaper, Otherworld, and Vesper-on. I also have (unpainted, mind) her, her. and her. And… Read more »