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Now that it’s en route to casting, I can show you something. Inspired by this: And this (step ahead to 2:20): I’ve done this: Another masterpiece by Bob Olley. It comes B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Torso) so you can make the rider look however you want. Here are two excellent lists of torsos, arms, weapons… Read more »

Because you demanded it!

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Not really. More like just ’cause I wanna. Well that and, amazingly, nobody* has seen fit to inject chickens — by far Earth’s most domesticated bird — into Metamorphosis Alpha. Weird right? Chickenoids in Metamorphosis Alpha Number Appearing:  2-6 (2d3) Armour Class:           8 Move yds/turn:          12 Hit Dice:          … Read more »

Cyclopic Chickens Redux

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Interloper’s two packs of Chickens — Robot-Hunters and Cocked Rifles — give you six foul fowl with which you can terrorize everything from meat packing plants to mutated garden plants with equal vigour. And playing them in MDRG as a fixed race or species — instead of as an assortment of randomized mutated animals —… Read more »

Pecking Order

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I’m about to start a MDRG campaign set on the Starship Birkenden. Here’s my command group: Their straight-up WYSIWYG stats are: They’re supported by these WYSIWYG birds: With these stats: That’s 400 points of poultry! Cyclops (-3) : Ranged attacks suffer a -1 penalty per range band (i.e., the first range stick is at -1,… Read more »

People Are Talking!

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Save or Die podcast chats about Interloper at the 30 minute mark:           Ligers! And from their “In Memory of..” page: [P.S.: Thanks to Ian for the props and Lester for the goto.]

Flash, flash, flash!

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I”ll be a co-judge at Strategies Games’ Eighth Annual Immortal Brush Painting Contest. Here’s a screenshot of the announcement: Here’s a link (scroll down). I’ll be donating a few packs for prize support too!