Space Pigs

Whether negotiating a distant nebula or attacking a nearby smorgasbord, this trio of porcine adventurers can get the job done. Pretty much every time. Well, most of the time. Often, anyway. Definitely sometimes.

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Bat Face

Whether you’re an ancient city of scholars or the survivors of a ship run aground, you never want to see the Bat Clan flying overhead. [N.B.: Model is sold B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Torso).] [The Victoria Miniatures torso parts in the pics can be found here, here and here. Though sadly, it looks like they’ve… Read more »

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Wasteland Wanderers

These three adventurers wander the wastelands bringing the pain to oppressors and scoundrels alike.

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Watership Frown

Bigsy, Bugsy and Thumpy are bunnies not to be trifled with.

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This mech-busting trio of Cyclopic Chicken robot-hunters is armed to the beak with molotovs, mausers, PD- and ATG-Ws. Poor depth perception is merely a minor hindrance.

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Cocked Rifles

Never close assault a combat robot without diversionary covering fire. Fortunately these Cyclopic Chickens keep their feathers numbered for just such an emergency.

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Boss Bugs

They’ll scorch your brain and sear your flesh; the Smart Bug and Stink Bug are the head and heart of the hive. The Slicer Bug is the hands.

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Bully Bugs

Chitter chitter click-click chitter. Mandibles and cleavers is no way for a wasteland wanderer to die. Slicer Bugs are the hunter-gathering harvesters for the hive.

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Hissing Lizards

More ssssssssss! Plus twang and whish!

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Lurching Lizards


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This is catastrophic!




I make a range of unique miniatures for post-apocalyptic tabletop gaming. Mutants — and a few humans (soon) — all in 28mm scale.

For now I don’t have an online shopping cart. Tell me what you want through the Contact form; address-wise, make sure to give me at least your postal code/ZIP. I’ll calculate the cost, add shipping (from Canada) and send you back a PayPal invoice. Bingo-bango, you’re mutated!

[If you live in the GVRD we can meet for delivery; better … stronger … faster.]

Thanks megatons.