Bottle Battles

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This Sunday I’m thankful there are men in the world who don’t allow even the mortal danger of organized violence to come between them and a good piss-up. A few months ago, in the March 2020 issue of Miniature Wargames magazine, I learned about the Battle of Tuttlingen. I thought, “Cool, that’s a well written… Read more »

Thankful for the Middle Ages

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What a time to be alive! Something I’ve wondered about off and on for years is why nobody was making figs inspired by classic art. There are a lot — tons really — of minis out there of this or that TV or film character. And a fair few of daring heroes and cruel villains… Read more »

Thirlwall Castle

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This will probably be the last of my posts about the North of England. We went to Thirlwall Castle. It was a cool cloudy day. Seemed right. Here are the three plaques nearby and on site. And I shot a pano of each face. I hope they’re useful to some of you. As I said… Read more »

King Arthur’s Well

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One morning in Haltwhistle I was poring over this map … … (which I pre-ordered before we left home, still have and still love) and came across this: So we worked it into our hike that day. Here’s the approach from the west: And here are two shots of it looking north: And here is… Read more »

More About the North

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  My post yesterday reminded me of some highlights from the trip my wife and I took along Hadrian’s Wall in ’16. The Anchor Hotel in Haydon Bridge is a nice place. Quaint rooms, good food, reasonable rates, fine location in the village. But the most memorable part of staying there was that when we… Read more »

More Thanks

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  Saying Thank You on Sunday. Oathsworn’s Burrows & Badgers and Northumbrian’s Nightfolk. Yeah, … I mean, look at these guys: They’re proof that I would love, LOVE, to see the Nightfolk written — hell, even as apocrypha — into Burrows & Badgers. That’s right. I’m goading you guys! Get it together. Oh, and …… Read more »

Any Hobbit who runs …

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Welcome to the Second Chapter* in my ongoing comparative literary analysis of The Hobbit and The Five Fingers. [*Chapter 1]

Comments Are Live!

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I’ve enabled comments on my Blog and Blather pages. With the death of first Google Plus and then Yahoo Groups I decided to help fill the gap left by them in what small way I can. So here we are. But I want to be a doorman, not a bouncer. When you sign on you’ll… Read more »