Thankful for the Middle Ages

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What a time to be alive! Something I’ve wondered about off and on for years is why nobody was making figs inspired by classic art. There are a lot — tons really — of minis out there of this or that TV or film character. And a fair few of daring heroes and cruel villains… Read more »

Thirlwall Castle

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This will probably be the last of my posts about the North of England. We went to Thirlwall Castle. It was a cool cloudy day. Seemed right. Here are the three plaques nearby and on site. And I shot a pano of each face. I hope they’re useful to some of you. As I said… Read more »

King Arthur’s Well

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One morning in Haltwhistle I was poring over this map … … (which I pre-ordered before we left home, still have and still love) and came across this: So we worked it into our hike that day. Here’s the approach from the west: And here are two shots of it looking north: And here is… Read more »

More About the North

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  My post yesterday reminded me of some highlights from the trip my wife and I took along Hadrian’s Wall in ’16. The Anchor Hotel in Haydon Bridge is a nice place. Quaint rooms, good food, reasonable rates, fine location in the village. But the most memorable part of staying there was that when we… Read more »

More Thanks

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  Saying Thank You on Sunday. Oathsworn’s Burrows & Badgers and Northumbrian’s Nightfolk. Yeah, … I mean, look at these guys: They’re proof that I would love, LOVE, to see the Nightfolk written — hell, even as apocrypha — into Burrows & Badgers. That’s right. I’m goading you guys! Get it together. Oh, and …… Read more »

Any Hobbit who runs …

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Welcome to the Second Chapter* in my ongoing comparative literary analysis of The Hobbit and The Five Fingers. [*Chapter 1]

Comments Are Live!

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I’ve enabled comments on my Blog and Blather pages. With the death of first Google Plus and then Yahoo Groups I decided to help fill the gap left by them in what small way I can. So here we are. But I want to be a doorman, not a bouncer. When you sign on you’ll… Read more »

Book Golem!

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[This one’s for Darren.] A number of years ago I found this fig online. And immediately bought one. You can find him over at Black Cat Bases. (The bookcase is old HeroClix, from their Indoor Adventure Kit.) After some play he went to languish in the back of my cabinet for, well, years. Then about… Read more »

Dave Arneson, GOAT

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  I just watched Secrets of Blackmoor: It’s really good. Those guys remind me of when I first joined Trumpeter as a kid all those decades ago. This doc makes a nice complement to Rob Kuntz’s book Dave Arneson’s True Genius. I hope they do make Part 2.