It’s Quiet

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Last year I made it to number 11 in the final round of Tenkar’s Tavern’s OSR Superstar Competition. That being a thing long over-and-done I thought I’d release my entries into the wild. So, here. Its_Quiet01 Its_Quiet_map_hires01 But wait, there’s more. I also wrote this: Its_Quiet_bonus_Cacofonix01

Time Gone Awry

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Thoughts on Lewisian, Vancian, etc. time distortion in alternate planes and pocket universes, version 1.5: Roll a d7: 1 = a second; 2 = a minute; 3 = an hour; 4 = a day; 5 = a week; 6 = a month; 7 = a year. here (i.e., the mythic underworld, faerie holt, etc.) is… Read more »

Listen, you smell something?

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Among cults or races of synesthesiacs roll a d5 twice (shift the second roll up one if your result is doubles; 5 goes round to 1): 1 = Sight; 2 = Smell; 3 = Sound; 4 = Taste; or 5 = Touch. … is perceived as … 1 = Sight; 2 = Smell; 3 =… Read more »

Thoughts on Empire of the Petal Throne

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House-rule Dump! Here’s my first run at how I’m going to treat armour and such: EPT_armour_shields_weapons01 I’ll be granting players the option of giving their characters either the rules-as-written version of Constitution bonuses/penalties or this version by Glenn Rahman, from Dragon 31 (no back and forth though; you’re either an ox or an ocelot: choose):… Read more »

Levels, levels, levels!

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I’m adapting a Level Advancement campaign system for Otherworld Skirmish from the 7TV Summer Special‘s Ratings War chapter. It’s actually pretty straight forward and the Otherworld rules as they already stand allow for a few ways to approach it. One can start with a traditional adventuring party faction of already-classed 1st Level human and demi-human… Read more »