Two Pair

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The best four space-poc years of the 1980s: Pre: The Day After (1983) Threads (1984) Post: Warlords of the 21st Century (1982) Def-Con 4 (1985) All four are highly recommended if you want to inject some dismal into your games.

MaK Attack!

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So this happened: Inspired by this post on the all-round impressive Agis Neugebauer’s site I ordered the pictured MaKs from the equally impressive coolkits (scroll down to the 1/35th scale figs). On the left is the Fireball Prowler in flight and on ground. Right!? Next on my list: SAFS-tastic! In case you don’t know: MaK… Read more »

Holy Crap! Thundarr Spidergoat!

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I just watched Last Train to Doomsday for I don’t know, maybe the tenth time. Only just noticed this guy:   Exactly. A Spidergoat! And I think that’s a young Yeek (the aerial Ookla who appears in┬áDen of the Sleeping Demon) to the left of the Spidergoat.