They’ve Reached Vancouver

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  Remember a few years ago when I was banging on about Vanpires? [HERE and HERE] Well … Spotted at dusk last night. Oh, and back in ’06 I had a short story published in Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine. Seems like the right time to mention it; it’s called “N0S 4A2.”

Christmas in July … in SPAAAAACE!

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  I’ve had this collection of Saints Nick for a while: But for the longest time someone was missing. This guy: If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend going over to take a long loving look at Pulp Covers’ page devoted to Galaxy Science Fiction’s 1950s Christmas covers. Ed “Emsh” Emshwiller does the interstellar… Read more »


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  This Sunday I’m thankful for Flint & Feather, by Crucible Crush. Specifically their about-to-end-in-a-few-days Kickstarter for … Now I can game all my ancestors!  


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Watch this: Give cash.

The Gray Champion of the ’20s

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I recently decided to look into the concept of The Fourth Turning: Turns out I’m not the only one thinking the ’20s are going to get even more interesting. And, since there’s already been some discussion, what if he is The Gray Champion?: Whether you decide to go with Spectre’s striding, or Dragon Bait’s shooting… Read more »


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Most rules game either historical order or fictional chaos. I’m interested in what skirmishes will look like during the transition period from the former state to the latter. What does war look like when — while — every nation is falling apart? [See my earlier post HERE.] [See Also: cycles within patterns?] Yyeeaarrs ago I… Read more »