NoMADs on Patrol

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  OldGamersWorkshop has a second group of mutants — and some eeeevil humans — on Kickstarter. I mean … Right!? You can get the figs from their first project as well. So, … You should go do that.

Illuminati Warfare in the Age of Madness

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  You know how Traveller‘s chargen is a mini-game you play before the real adventure starts? Well I’ve been thinking about this: To keep my tinkering and tests simple I think I’ll leave out all of both games’ expansions for now. I’ll stick to just the first Illuminati* pocket box cards and just the original… Read more »

Giving Thanks

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On this Sunday I thought I’d mention some figs I just came across this past week. I am thankful they exist, and you’ll be too. First, the explorer who made me realize the world needs more chicks with picks. I give you Miss Abigail Halsey: You can learn about her on the Mythos the Game… Read more »

What are the odds!?

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I saw these two vids today, both for the first time, and both within a few hours of each other. Music-wise, what are the freaking odds?

Comments Are Go!

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I’ve enabled comments on my Blog and Blather pages. With the death of first Google Plus and then Yahoo Groups I decided to help fill the gap left by them in what small way I can. So here we are. But I want to be a doorman, not a bouncer. When you sign on you’ll… Read more »

Saturday Morning Khartoums!

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While not quite as perfect a back-to-back double bill as the Zulu flicks, Khartoum and The Four Feathers are still chocolate and peanut butter. At almost four and-a-half hours, if you start early they’ll carry you through to lunch! If you get up late I guess you can watch the first movie then break for… Read more »

Tomb of Horrors In Space

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  \m/ !!! MOAR MetAl !!! \m/ DOOM ON THE WARDEN, for Metamorphosis Alpha You’ve only got a few days left to get in on the massacre adventure. So what are you waiting for? They’re making two new colour bands for this (scroll down; bottom of The Stretch Goals; right before Add-Ons): Bioscience is one;… Read more »