Orden del Hacha

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Mother Courage and Her Henchwomen


The Spanish Christian women of Tortosa stand ready to protect their persons and property from the dastardly Moors.

Rather than recap:

Orden del Hacha

Second Crusade


There’s a whack of manufacturers in there:

Lead Adventure, Micro Art Studio, Freebooter, Reaper, Otherworld, and Vesper-on.

I also have (unpainted, mind) her, her. and her. And I covet her (it’s OK though ’cause she’s not my neighbour’s wife). I’ve got my eye on Mrs. Pike. And then, well, there’s her. Basically any woman swingin’ a pin or a pan. My mother — God rest her soul — was a firm believer in what she called “the cast iron hearing aid.” Then again sometimes it was a “two-by-four hearing aid.” Those poor ol’ Moors wouldn’t have stood a chance.

These gals are Part I of my planned Vimens and Vermins  game. Now to get my lunch hooks on Warlord’s looters.

Operators gonna operate

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And here are some …

Operators operating operationally.

Operators operating operationally.

And one last one for the as fuck of it:



OK, I think that’s got it out of my system.