Honesty is the best policy

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I recently realized something about the shenanigans of published RPG articles, modules and supplements that throws off my various 3d6-in-order, etc. converters for Mutants and Death Ray Guns and Song of Blades and Heroes. The characters in those RPG books were statted to be the class the writers wanted them to be for the story… Read more »

Time Gone Awry

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Thoughts on Lewisian, Vancian, etc. time distortion in alternate planes and pocket universes, version 1.5: Roll a d7: 1 = a second; 2 = a minute; 3 = an hour; 4 = a day; 5 = a week; 6 = a month; 7 = a year. here (i.e., the mythic underworld, faerie holt, etc.) is… Read more »

Listen, you smell something?

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Among cults or races of synesthesiacs roll a d5 twice (shift the second roll up one if your result is doubles; 5 goes round to 1): 1 = Sight; 2 = Smell; 3 = Sound; 4 = Taste; or 5 = Touch. … is perceived as … 1 = Sight; 2 = Smell; 3 =… Read more »

Thoughts on Empire of the Petal Throne

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House-rule Dump! Here’s my first run at how I’m going to treat armour and such: EPT_armour_shields_weapons01 I’ll be granting players the option of giving their characters either the rules-as-written version of Constitution bonuses/penalties or this version by Glenn Rahman, from Dragon 31 (no back and forth though; you’re either an ox or an ocelot: choose):… Read more »