Thirty years on, I like what I like

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In 1984 Pepe Moreno created “Bunker 6A.” In 2013 Hajime Katoki directed “A Farewell to Weapons.” [The above link is a Japanese voice/Spanish text version of “A Farewell to Weapons.” This being the interweb, with its millions of Japanese speakers and millions more Spanish readers, I’m posting it anyway. Besides, it’s awesome in any language.]… Read more »


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Now that it’s en route to casting, I can show you something. Inspired by this: And this (step ahead to 2:20): I’ve done this: Another masterpiece by Bob Olley. It comes B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Torso) so you can make the rider look however you want. Here are two excellent lists of torsos, arms,… Read more »