King Arthur’s Well

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One morning in Haltwhistle I was poring over this map …

… (which I pre-ordered before we left home, still have and still love) and came across this:

So we worked it into our hike that day.

Here’s the approach from the west:

And here are two shots of it looking north:

And here is a pic of the open space to its immediate northeast:

Much later I looked it up online and drilled down on it in Maps. Here’s what I found:

Strangely, I was only able to find a couple websites that mention it, and only THIS ONE loaded.

Equally strange nobody seems to have taken photos of it like the ones I shot, so you’re welcome to them.

Now, given that one can’t turn around in Britain without tripping over something really, really old, it’s possible I was at some other site entirely.

Oh, and I’ll add that sheep seem serene — if a bit skittish — in ones and twos at a farm or fair. But when there’s fifty or so of them standing perfectly still, staring unblinking as you walk by. Well, it’s disconcerting.

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