The Mind of Mindok!

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My favourite Wizard from Thundarr the Barbarian is, bar none, Mindok the Mind Menace from the ep of the same name. Watch it now:

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Done? Cül.

OK so I’ve wanted a fig of Mindok for a good long while. I despaired of ever having one but then I discovered this guy:


It’s a SuperFigs mini called The Head. (It also comes with a Hitler head, obviously.)

That gave me the perfect — well, good enough for Rock and Roll anyway — body.

I then searched around for the helmet and found this Reaper fig:


It’s their Chronoscope astronaut, Duke Jones. (I’ll also repurpose his head, for one of my Smokers.)

Both pieces involved some pretty serious cutting and filing and, on the helmet, some filling and building. He’s not perfect but I’m happy with how he turned out.


He’s going to be a great villain for Mutant Future Thundarr (scroll down a bit; the download link is on the right hand side).

P.S.: I’ll post again once he’s painted.

Because you demanded it!

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Not really. More like just ’cause I wanna. Well that and, amazingly, nobody* has seen fit to inject chickens — by far Earth’s most domesticated bird — into Metamorphosis Alpha. Weird right?

Chickenoids in Metamorphosis Alpha

Number Appearing:  2-6 (2d3)

Armour Class:           8

Move yds/turn:          12

Hit Dice:                     4

Rad Res:                   12

Men Res:                   16

Dex:                           10

Con:                           12

Str:                             11

Mutations: Taller (1.5 meters tall), New Body Parts (hands), Body Structure Change (one eye: -1 to hit per range band (cumulative) with projectiles and beam weapons), Heightened Intelligence (check out the big brain on Brad!), plus each Chickenoid will have one additional random mental mutation.

Each Chickenoid will possess — and be able to use — at least one device of the Ancients; leaders will have 1d3 such pieces of kit.

*: OK, not nobody. This bit by Mr. Mullen (Goodman Games Deluxe Ed., pg. 127) alludes pretty strongly to these peckers running around in space:


Pear-body, beak, one-eye. What more do you want?

Guess I should move on to Duckoids next.

Go Team One-eye!

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So this just happened:


It’s pretty cool if you like cults, caves and monsters. And if you don’t why are you here?

But more importantly, this:


We AR-IS one-eye.

Go team Cyclops!

Cyclopic Chickens Redux

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Interloper’s two packs of Chickens — Robot-Hunters and Cocked Rifles — give you six foul fowl with which you can terrorize everything from meat packing plants to mutated garden plants with equal vigour.

And playing them in MDRG as a fixed race or species — instead of as an assortment of randomized mutated animals — gives you another option besides the Purity Squad, Android Party or V1L3 Wretched: the Cyclopic Brood.

This is the base for each figure in the Brood:


Cyclops (-3) : Ranged attacks suffer a -1 penalty per range band (i.e., the first range stick is at -1, the second is at -2 and the third is at -3). No shooting beyond three range bands is allowed under any circumstances.

Each Cyclopic Chicken then gets the following:

  • One roll on the Skills Table;
  • One roll on the (expanded) Equipment Table*; and
  • One roll on the Mental Mutations Table.

*: Page 8 here.

Following the above method, I arrived at these two groups:



N.B.: John Two Horns rolled 3 Food Points; John Starbird has one.



Benching (Cooping?) John Nephew or John Guardian brings them under 400 points with five models in your initial Brood.

Pecking Order

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I’m about to start a MDRG campaign set on the Starship Birkenden.

Here’s my command group:


Their straight-up WYSIWYG stats are:


They’re supported by these WYSIWYG birds:


With these stats:


That’s 400 points of poultry!

Cyclops (-3) : Ranged attacks suffer a -1 penalty per range band (i.e., the first range stick is at -1, the second is at -2 and the third is at -3). No shooting beyond three range bands is allowed under any circumstances.

Range Finder (3) : One action to use. Eliminates all penalties on a single ranged attack taken immediately thereafter.

Helmet (1) and Molotov Cocktail (2) : [To be pub’d proper in Apocalipticum sometime soonish I believe.]

Chris and the Anti-Chris

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Yul Brynner will blow your head off!


The Magnificent Seven (Netflix):     start at 1:11:47 remaining.

Westworld (iTunes):                         start at 1:13:23 remaining.


They open at the first appearance of the Anti-Chris and both go dark at the same time.

They have some cool synergies. I’ve watched them a few times; it only gets better.

One thing I noticed the first time I did this is Westworld’s protagonist Peter Martin is dressed near-identically to “the Kid” Chico in The Magnificent Seven.

Holtzman Shield

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I want a fig with one of these:


If Cameron Hodge can have one I want one too.


But how to put one on a fig?

I’ve got a couple of these to try it out:


I’m thinking split the force field off Dr. Banner there, glue it around a different — though equally wooden-posed — fig and blast it with a brush-tip red sharpie. That oughta do it.

I Went Nonlinear!

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Mutants and Death Ray Guns is a game about primary groups. Ditto Metamorphosis Alpha. That’s a big reason why I like both so much. Primary groups in the context of the two games are akin to the spear-bow-knife-axe hunting party of the past and the modern Burning Man theme camp.

Metamorphosis Alpha primary group

Metamorphosis Alpha Primary Group

One of my favourite things about these games — displayed (as shown above and below) in the art throughout both books — is the randomness of group membership. It’s cats and dogs living together and a world without string all rolled into one!

Mutants and Death Ray Guns primary group

Mutants and Death Ray Guns primary group

In my ongoing mission to mash both games together into a seamless abomination I felt the degree of group generation in MuDRaG was not quite random enough. So I took some pages from the original MetAl book and some others from articles collected in the fantastic Goodman Games tome of amazing and broadened the varieties of Humans and expanded the options for Mutated Animals. I also increased as a whole the random nature of group creation. (Note: I wanted to get Mouse, Platypus, Raccoon, Squirrel, Giraffe and Camel onto the animals list but decided dinosaurs trumped them. Feel free to cleanse, fold and manipulate.)



[Edit: Here, have a giraffe after all.]

In the year one million and a half ...

In the year one million and a half …

[Second Edit: Impact Miniatures has you covered for Platypuses: ]

MuDRaG’d thru the dirt: a MetAl zero-level Funnel

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After running some well-received demo games of MDRG at Trumpeter’s Salute ’15 this past month I’ve hatched an idea:

This as this via this to this, all at this. Cül right?

I’m thinking a competitive round (or two) of Mutants and Death Ray Guns bring-and-battle leading to a final round of Metamorphosis Alpha roleplay exploration.

It’s ligers all the way down!

Details to follow.