Pecking Order

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I’m about to start a MDRG campaign set on the Starship Birkenden.

Here’s my command group:


Their straight-up WYSIWYG stats are:


They’re supported by these WYSIWYG birds:


With these stats:


That’s 400 points of poultry!

Cyclops (-3) : Ranged attacks suffer a -1 penalty per range band (i.e., the first range stick is at -1, the second is at -2 and the third is at -3). No shooting beyond three range bands is allowed under any circumstances.

Range Finder (3) : One action to use. Eliminates all penalties on a single ranged attack taken immediately thereafter.

Helmet (1) and Molotov Cocktail (2) : [To be pub’d proper in Apocalipticum sometime soonish I believe.]

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