Zhodani Commandos Redux

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These guys:


Do this:


So, informed by the article “Zhodani Military Organization” (JTAS 11, pg. 26), I did this:


That’s 575 points in Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

I pulled their names from here.

I pared back the guys listed above. Going full bore puts them over 700 points. I wanted to give them all of the following:

Combat: 3 (given they’re special operations forces) [See Consular Guard here.];

Teleport [from Song of Gold and Darkness];

Battle Dress (Powered Armour and Danger Sense) [Traveller Book 1, pg. 42];

PGMP-13 (see stats below) [Traveller Book 4, pg. 37];

Grav Belt (Flying) [Traveller Book 3, pg. 23]; and

Psi-Double Autoinjector (Drug: Psionicilline) [Traveller Book 3, pg. 45].

I’d also like to add the other half of the Group, led by Assisstant Group Leader Baronet Detspreflatl (as a Q: 3+, C: 4 Champion, pulling the Combat bonus off the Baron above). Hm, I might have to get two or three handfuls of these figs.

And here’s that PGMP I was talking about:

PGMP-13   Range: Long   Combat: User’s +3   Multiple: Yes   Cost: 13 pts

Weapon notes: The PGMP-13 can only be fired while wearing Battle Dress (Powered Armour). A model so equipped cannot fire after moving during its Activation, but it can fire and then move.

OK, I think I’ve got those Corsairs out of my system. For now.

Zhodani Commandos

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That’s right. Beam this up Scotty!

Been thinking about why I love these guys (scroll down, you’ll see ’em) so much:


And I finally figured it out.

I’ve spent so much time (so much time) over the years (years!) pining away for a high-quality set of bona fide 28mm Traveller Zhodani commandos in combat armour (Seriously, I even emailed Far Future about licensing them.) that these figs slipped through my sensor grid. For a few hours. Then it hit me.

They’re perfect for Zhodani commandos in battle dress.

I guess those aren’t Laser Rifles after all; I’ll have to stat me up some PGMPs.

Thank you Reaper.

Blackstar Corsairs for MDRG

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So, for the two or three of you on Earth, and the dozens cloaked in orbit (You know who you are.) who don’t know Reaper just launched their Bones III KS, they did. Go. Here. NOW! Bask in the rad-powered glow.

The awesome $10 Add-on at the $340K mark, somewhere around an hour-and-a-half in (crazy right?), was these guys:


That was about an hour-and-a-half ago.

They’re so damn cool — though I’ll clip off those bayonets — I statted them for Mutants and Death Ray Guns.


That’s 450 points of badass.

You’re welcome.

I have taught this to Zoa.

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The Mind Menace for The Savage Afterworld’s World of Thundarr (scroll down a bit; the download link is on the right hand side):


10th Level Sorcerer

STR: 10 — INT: 15

DEX: 10 — WIL: 20

CON: 15 — CHA: 10

HPs: 50 — AC: 5

Mutations: Energy Retaining Cell Structure

Spells: 1st Lvl x 3; 2nd Lvl x 3; 3rd Lvl x 3; 4th Lvl x 3; 5th Lvl x 2

After teleporting back from orbit — Wherever that is! — Mindok reinstalled his disembodied brain back into his hover-helm. He doesn’t bother with the purple robe anymore since the cat’s out of the bag concerning him being nothing but a glowing green brain. He’s made some modifications to the hover-helm and suped-up his tracked, submersible war machine. As soon as he recruits a new general to lead his minions in battle he’ll set about seeking revenge on Thundarr & Co. for thwarting his plans of conquest.

[N.B.: Once it comes out — later this year apparently — I’ll be rewriting Mindok for Dungeon and Mutant Crawl Classics. I’ve got big plans for my boy here. Big plans!]

What if that “cloud of space radiation” was in fact …

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the Eye of Terror?

I mean, this …


looks a lot like this:


I’m thinking temporal anomaly combined with dimension shift or parallel jump. A world without string!

It’s a cool way to set some Rogue Trader skirmish gaming or X-plorers roleplaying in a new environment.

If this idea is good enough for Star Trek, The Starlost and Space: 1999, it’s good enough for me. It’s got some of Aldiss’ Non-Stop and a little Barrier Peaks too. So, ligers!

Galactic adventurers come across a giant ship adrift in deep space. Go!