Honesty is the best policy

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I recently realized something about the shenanigans of published RPG articles, modules and supplements that throws off my various 3d6-in-order, etc. converters for Mutants and Death Ray Guns and Song of Blades and Heroes.

The characters in those RPG books were statted to be the class the writers wanted them to be for the story they were telling. None of those knights, witches, thieves and wizards were randomly rolled.

So to keep things honest I now do the following:

Immediately after converting a published character’s 3d6- or d%-in-order abilities to Song Of stats, degrade Quality and Combat by one each.*

Then apply Level advances to stats and special abilities.

*: No need to do this if you know for a fact the character was rolled randomly in order.

Thirty years on, I like what I like

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In 1984 Pepe Moreno created “Bunker 6A.”


In 2013 Hajime Katoki directed “A Farewell to Weapons.”


[The above link is a Japanese voice/Spanish text version of “A Farewell to Weapons.” This being the interweb, with its millions of Japanese speakers and millions more Spanish readers, I’m posting it anyway. Besides, it’s awesome in any language.]

“Bunker 6A” is about an extremely deadly eponymous pillbox. I loved the story and it led me down the Rebel-hole (but that’s another tale).


“A Farewell to Weapons” is about an equally merciless autonomous tank which IDs itself as GONK-18


The two stories are similarly short and end in near identical fashion:





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Now that it’s en route to casting, I can show you something.

Inspired by this:

And this (step ahead to 2:20):

I’ve done this:


Another masterpiece by Bob Olley.

It comes B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Torso) so you can make the rider look however you want.

Here are two excellent lists of torsos, arms, weapons and heads for all your space-poc needs:

The Imperial Patrol; and

The Twelve Olympians.

Of course you could also just dig a fig out of your lead mountain and chop it in half.

This horror should be ready for takeoff in December.

Dralasites and Death Ray Guns

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The madness continues. Today’s installment covers converting characters from Star Frontiers into models for Mutants and Death Ray Guns, and vice versa. I give you Dralasites and Death Ray Guns:


There is a ton of great Star Frontiers info here.

And Fight On! magazine published (in issue #11) a cool little article translating dralasites into 3d6-in-order D&D. It’s “Ducks, Dragonewts, & Draala” by Jason Vasché & Cal. You can find it here.

Time to dust off those Vrusk and Yazirian figs you’ve got squirreled away.

Warlords of Def-Con 4

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These two are a little too good together. I say that because they’re practically the same film.

They’re close to the same length.

Their palettes are similar.

Both were released by New World Pictures. Warlords was filmed in New Zealand. Def-Con was filmed in Nova Scotia. ‘Nuff said.

They both have a similar “rules have changed” line delivered by a criminal pseudo-soldier to a captive woman.

The images on both of the above posters are only vaguely relevant to the content of the films they advertise. For example, there are no androids in Warlords and there are no skeletal astronauts in Def-Con. Would there were in both cases!

Don’t get me wrong though. If you’re up for a double-shot of early ’80s (Warlords is ’82, Def-Con is ’85) high-Cold War post-apoc despotic barbarism, then queue ’em up.

Zhodani Commandos Redux

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These guys:


Do this:


So, informed by the article “Zhodani Military Organization” (JTAS 11, pg. 26), I did this:


That’s 575 points in Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

I pulled their names from here.

I pared back the guys listed above. Going full bore puts them over 700 points. I wanted to give them all of the following:

Combat: 3 (given they’re special operations forces) [See Consular Guard here.];

Teleport [from Song of Gold and Darkness];

Battle Dress (Powered Armour and Danger Sense) [Traveller Book 1, pg. 42];

PGMP-13 (see stats below) [Traveller Book 4, pg. 37];

Grav Belt (Flying) [Traveller Book 3, pg. 23]; and

Psi-Double Autoinjector (Drug: Psionicilline) [Traveller Book 3, pg. 45].

I’d also like to add the other half of the Group, led by Assisstant Group Leader Baronet Detspreflatl (as a Q: 3+, C: 4 Champion, pulling the Combat bonus off the Baron above). Hm, I might have to get two or three handfuls of these figs.

And here’s that PGMP I was talking about:

PGMP-13   Range: Long   Combat: User’s +3   Multiple: Yes   Cost: 13 pts

Weapon notes: The PGMP-13 can only be fired while wearing Battle Dress (Powered Armour). A model so equipped cannot fire after moving during its Activation, but it can fire and then move.

OK, I think I’ve got those Corsairs out of my system. For now.

Zhodani Commandos

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That’s right. Beam this up Scotty!

Been thinking about why I love these guys (scroll down, you’ll see ’em) so much:


And I finally figured it out.

I’ve spent so much time (so much time) over the years (years!) pining away for a high-quality set of bona fide 28mm Traveller Zhodani commandos in combat armour (Seriously, I even emailed Far Future about licensing them.) that these figs slipped through my sensor grid. For a few hours. Then it hit me.

They’re perfect for Zhodani commandos in battle dress.

I guess those aren’t Laser Rifles after all; I’ll have to stat me up some PGMPs.

Thank you Reaper.

Blackstar Corsairs for MDRG

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So, for the two or three of you on Earth, and the dozens cloaked in orbit (You know who you are.) who don’t know Reaper just launched their Bones III KS, they did. Go. Here. NOW! Bask in the rad-powered glow.

The awesome $10 Add-on at the $340K mark, somewhere around an hour-and-a-half in (crazy right?), was these guys:


That was about an hour-and-a-half ago.

They’re so damn cool — though I’ll clip off those bayonets — I statted them for Mutants and Death Ray Guns.


That’s 450 points of badass.

You’re welcome.