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Mutants and Death Ray Guns is a game about primary groups. Ditto Metamorphosis Alpha. That’s a big reason why I like both so much. Primary groups in the context of the two games are akin to the spear-bow-knife-axe hunting party of the past and the modern Burning Man theme camp.

Metamorphosis Alpha primary group

Metamorphosis Alpha Primary Group

One of my favourite things about these games — displayed (as shown above and below) in the art throughout both books — is the randomness of group membership. It’s cats and dogs living together and a world without string all rolled into one!

Mutants and Death Ray Guns primary group

Mutants and Death Ray Guns primary group

In my ongoing mission to mash both games together into a seamless abomination I felt the degree of group generation in MuDRaG was not quite random enough. So I took some pages from the original MetAl book and some others from articles collected in the fantastic Goodman Games tome of amazing and broadened the varieties of Humans and expanded the options for Mutated Animals. I also increased as a whole the random nature of group creation. (Note: I wanted to get Mouse, Platypus, Raccoon, Squirrel, Giraffe and Camel onto the animals list but decided dinosaurs trumped them. Feel free to cleanse, fold and manipulate.)



[Edit: Here, have a giraffe after all.]

In the year one million and a half ...

In the year one million and a half …

[Second Edit: Impact Miniatures has you covered for Platypuses:

http://www.impactminiatures.com/index.php?option=generic_profile&id=SG_PLAL ]

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