MaK Attack!

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So this happened:


Inspired by this post on the all-round impressive Agis Neugebauer’s site I ordered the pictured MaKs from the equally impressive coolkits (scroll down to the 1/35th scale figs).

On the left is the Fireball Prowler in flight and on ground. Right!?

Next on my list: SAFS-tastic!

In case you don’t know:

MaK (words)

MaK (pictures)

[Those discs are Warbases. Awesome peeps. Buy their stuff.]

Holy Crap! Thundarr Spidergoat!

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I just watched Last Train to Doomsday for I don’t know, maybe the tenth time. Only just noticed this guy:



Exactly. A Spidergoat!

And I think that’s a young Yeek (the aerial Ookla who appears in Den of the Sleeping Demon) to the left of the Spidergoat.


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Within the category of things that are awesome this ranks among the most, well, awesome.

Captain Kordon’s ship in the Thundarr ep “Treasure of the Moks” is represented thus:


Turns out the US carrier numbered 38 was this ship:


Yep that’s right, the USS Shangri-La. The only American warship named for an imaginary locale from a work of fiction.

Read the whole page. She was a badass who brought it for decades. What’s  really cool about her and Thundarr is she was in mothballs for the ten years (give-or-take) bookending the show before being scrapped. It makes perfect sense for the program’s creators to posit her deck and tower being around thousands of years later, given things like the Statue of Liberty and St. Louis Arch also still exist.