Because you demanded it!

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Not really. More like just ’cause I wanna. Well that and, amazingly, nobody* has seen fit to inject chickens — by far Earth’s most domesticated bird — into Metamorphosis Alpha. Weird right?

Chickenoids in Metamorphosis Alpha

Number Appearing:  2-6 (2d3)

Armour Class:           8

Move yds/turn:          12

Hit Dice:                     4

Rad Res:                   12

Men Res:                   16

Dex:                           10

Con:                           12

Str:                             11

Mutations: Taller (1.5 meters tall), New Body Parts (hands), Body Structure Change (one eye: -1 to hit per range band (cumulative) with projectiles and beam weapons), Heightened Intelligence (check out the big brain on Brad!), plus each Chickenoid will have one additional random mental mutation.

Each Chickenoid will possess — and be able to use — at least one device of the Ancients; leaders will have 1d3 such pieces of kit.

*: OK, not nobody. This bit by Mr. Mullen (Goodman Games Deluxe Ed., pg. 127) alludes pretty strongly to these peckers running around in space:


Pear-body, beak, one-eye. What more do you want?

Guess I should move on to Duckoids next.

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