Viet Kong!

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Two great tastes that taste great together!

And walking into the theatre I noticed this poster:


Do yourself a favour, go see it in IMAX.

Soon, … soon, this guy’ll be striding the ruins of Seattle:

He’s not Victor Kilo, but he is pretty cool.

He’s a Heroclix colossal fig. See here (search for Titano) and here. (There’s a few of them on eBay if you want one.)

And for some Space-poc big ape action read Kamandi, issue 7 …


… and watch Thundarr, season 1, ep 9 (Valley of the Man Apes).


You’ll be glad you did.

ÇNAPSHOT-30 taking shape

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I wanted to play some straight SNAPSHOT scaled up to 25-32mm so I tracked down this pic of the counter sheet from the original game:


You can find it here on Grognardia.

Since I replace the Character counters with (mostly) 28mm figs in my games I was really only after the Targeting and Explosion tokens.

With his go-ahead I scaled up that image 200-ish per cent and quartered it so I can print and cut them out.

Here you go:

Top Left

Top Right

Bottom Left

Bottom Right

[Download the pdfs and print them at 100%.]

[Edit: You can buy the complete game here.]

ÇNAPSHOT takes shape

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I just got these:


[Lulu. Here and here.]

I’m now working on using the Cepheus Engine to drive Snapshot.

Here’s an example of where I’m going: Skills in ÇNAPSHOT

SNAPSHOT is a half-inch grid/15mm fig system.

But, since I’m an exclusively 25-32mm guy I needed an appropriately scaled deck plan to play on. So I got these from Far Future Enterprises.

After cropping them and cleaning off the excess info I ran up the hill to my guy and had them printed at 200%.

Not bad …


All my human-size figs are on 1″/25mm round bases. At 200% the grid works perfectly.

Now we can all see what happens, When Space Ninjas Attack!


Both the 100-ton Scout/Courier and the 200-ton Free Trader scale up just right.

Here’s a great overview of SNAPSHOT on BoardGameGeek.

I thought I was pretty clever.

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Turns out I was fairly clever. Just forty years late.

So, I had this idea about a week ago: Hey, what if there was a vampiric van? Like, a, Vanpire. Yeah! Right?

Well. Meanwhile, back in the ’70s:



And in case you wanted to build your own 1/24 scale bloodmobile:


That’s a veritable nest of Vanpires!

I like to call it ‘Salem’s Parking Lot.