Listen, you smell something?

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Among cults or races of synesthesiacs roll a d5 twice (shift the second roll up one if your result is doubles; 5 goes round to 1): 1 = Sight; 2 = Smell; 3 = Sound; 4 = Taste; or 5 = Touch. … is perceived as … 1 = Sight; 2 = Smell; 3 =… Read more »

Thoughts on Empire of the Petal Throne

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House-rule Dump! Here’s my first run at how I’m going to treat armour and such: EPT_armour_shields_weapons01 I’ll be granting players the option of giving their characters either the rules-as-written version of Constitution bonuses/penalties or this version by Glenn Rahman, from Dragon 31 (no back and forth though; you’re either an ox or an ocelot: choose):… Read more »

Dralasites and Death Ray Guns

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The madness continues. Today’s installment covers converting characters from Star Frontiers into models for Mutants and Death Ray Guns, and vice versa. I give you Dralasites and Death Ray Guns: Dralasites_and_Death_Ray_Guns01 There is a ton of great Star Frontiers info here. And Fight On! magazine published (in issue #11) a cool little article translating dralasites… Read more »

What if that “cloud of space radiation” was in fact …

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the Eye of Terror? I mean, this … looks a lot like this: I’m thinking temporal anomaly combined with dimension shift or parallel jump. A world without string! It’s a cool way to set some Rogue Trader skirmish gaming or X-plorers roleplaying in a new environment. If this idea is good enough for Star Trek,… Read more »

Metamorphosis Beta

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Combining “An Alternate Beginning Sequence for Metamorphosis Alpha” (from Dragon #6) with Justifiers and X-plorers gives players another pretty damn cül option for character type: animals bioengineered to anthropomorphic intelligence. Think the wake-up scene in Aliens but with monkeys and tigers instead of Hicks and Hudson. Whereas the Clones of of the Alpha Protocol were… Read more »

Because you demanded it!

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Not really. More like just ’cause I wanna. Well that and, amazingly, nobody* has seen fit to inject chickens — by far Earth’s most domesticated bird — into Metamorphosis Alpha. Weird right? Chickenoids in Metamorphosis Alpha Number Appearing:  2-6 (2d3) Armour Class:           8 Move yds/turn:          12 Hit Dice:          … Read more »


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I love DAT Tramp! Just great art: Then I found this in White Dwarf 17: And Mr. Sholtis kicked the field goal with YEAH, but THIS Manticore …

MuDRaG’d thru the dirt: a MetAl zero-level Funnel

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After running some well-received demo games of MDRG at Trumpeter’s Salute ’15 this past month I’ve hatched an idea: This as this via this to this, all at this. Cül right? I’m thinking a competitive round (or two) of Mutants and Death Ray Guns bring-and-battle leading to a final round of Metamorphosis Alpha roleplay exploration…. Read more »