MetAl to MuDRaG and Back

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This is my first run at a system for converting Metamorphosis Alpha characters to Mutants and Death Ray Guns figures, and vice versa: MetAl-MuDRaG-and-back01 I’ve run some tests with statted NPCs from the glorious Goodman Games MetAl hardcover and also with some entirely random characters I rolled up using my Dicenomicon app (my goto for… Read more »

Holy Crap! Thundarr Spidergoat!

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I just watched Last Train to Doomsday for I don’t know, maybe the tenth time. Only just noticed this guy:   Exactly. A Spidergoat! And I think that’s a young Yeek (the aerial Ookla who appears in Den of the Sleeping Demon) to the left of the Spidergoat.


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Within the category of things that are awesome this ranks among the most, well, awesome. Captain Kordon’s ship in the Thundarr ep “Treasure of the Moks” is represented thus: Turns out the US carrier numbered 38 was this ship: Yep that’s right, the USS Shangri-La. The only American warship named for an imaginary locale from… Read more »

Breaking Bard

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Featuring … THE RIGHT HAND OF GLOOM Mom, Dad, is that you? A classic among classics; the original Citadel Noise Marine. A different bard, who rocks so hard. Star Bard, once the front man for the space-poc metal band Man’sLaughter, now tours solo. Ever since that night. The night the show went horribly wrong; he… Read more »


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This world is the creation and plaything of unknown and petty gods. A while ago I was rereading Secret Wars and this frame caught my eye and stuck in my mind as it never had before: Around the same time I saw this map over on Jeff’s Gameblog. I bought the download of that image,… Read more »

H.P. Lovecraft and his githyanki bodyguard

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Because obviously. Githyanki are from the Citadel AD&D range. Numbers 69. Heh. Monsieur Lovecraft is from Uncle Mike’s Worldwide. And that book in his hand? It’s the Metanomicon. Two things: 1) I’ll be posting more about my githyanki collection over the coming weeks. It’s right up there with ligers; and 2) If you haven’t played… Read more »

Every Dame’s a Dungeon

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Continuing the idea of playing a game across the bodies of your friends and lovers, here are some thoughts on the distaff side. Question: What do H. Rider Haggard, Friedrich Nietzsche and John Mayer have in common? Exhibit A: – H. Rider Haggard, King Solomon’s Mines   Exhibit B: “Young: a cavern decked about. Old:… Read more »

We’ll find ‘im.

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Bounty hunter Tex and bloodhound Rex. Tex is a cigar-smoking southpaw space-poc Armadillo from Reaper. Find him here. I got mine through my local shop full of awesome, Strategies Games. Rex is by Warbases. He’s here. And speaking of armed animals: Concept art by Toren Atkinson.

No time for talk!

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These three are about to set out on their adventures across the ruined Earth: The Psychic Princess: The Wasteland Warrior and the Apeman: All sculpted by the talented Mr. Paul Muller.