People Are Talking!

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Save or Die podcast chats about Interloper at the 30 minute mark:           Ligers! And from their “In Memory of..” page: [P.S.: Thanks to Ian for the props and Lester for the goto.]

It’s Matango’s Island

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Matango is one of my favourite flicks. Love, love, love it! And Gilligan’s Island was good too. But let’s make one thing perfectly clear. It’s Matango’s Island! Good. Now that’s out of the way, I’ll tell you about a dream I’ve had. Two yachts wreck on opposite sides of a deserted island. Eventually the groups… Read more »

Orden del Hacha

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  The Spanish Christian women of Tortosa stand ready to protect their persons and property from the dastardly Moors. Rather than recap: Orden del Hacha Second Crusade   There’s a whack of manufacturers in there: Lead Adventure, Micro Art Studio, Freebooter, Reaper, Otherworld, and Vesper-on. I also have (unpainted, mind) her, her. and her. And… Read more »

Operators gonna operate

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And here are some … And one last one for the as fuck of it:   OK, I think that’s got it out of my system.

Breaking Bard

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Featuring … THE RIGHT HAND OF GLOOM Mom, Dad, is that you? A classic among classics; the original Citadel Noise Marine. A different bard, who rocks so hard. Star Bard, once the front man for the space-poc metal band Man’sLaughter, now tours solo. Ever since that night. The night the show went horribly wrong; he… Read more »