OK Now this Plague is Really Getting in the Way

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Lamentations of the Flame Princess (US Store) just released a handful of new titles.

For virus-related reasons he’s unable to ship to a few countries, including Canada.

If you’re up here and want any of the new books I recommend you go through a freight forwarder.

Going through a forwarder will add shipping costs to your order for sure, but if you want the books sooner than later and are willing to foot the bill it’s a solid option.

I’ve been a customer of Can-Amer Freight in Blaine, Washington for years. They’re good people; I’ve never had anything but great service. Their receiving fee is nominal and they get me the lowest price available on postage to slingshot my stuff up here.

There are probably forwarders all along the border. Check for your province.

Find one, contact them to learn their procedures, then place your order with Lamentations. Boccob’s yer uncle!

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