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About that Bar Fight

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I’ve made some headway in my ongoing mission to get into a Spaceport Bar Brawl. But first, let’s talk about the fantasy fights I’ve found. White Dwarf — bless ’em — have been particularly keen. They published four from Feb ’79 to July ’98. First, naturally, we have First Age D&D: Print the above brawl’s… Read more »

Brit Wars

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Continuing the 41-year cycle, what’s next?:     I’m a huge fan of ’38. Go HERE And I’m a big fan of ’79. Go HERE What does 2020 have in store I wonder? Something along the lines of this: Or (or maybe and) this: Though I guess if you want to be cautious you could… Read more »

Unearthed Arcana, plus Miscasts!

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Another School of Magic for spells-without-level Lamentations.   Unearthed Arcana This lists the Magic-User spells recorded within the final First Age tome written by Mordenkainen.     and … I Make Miscasting FUN! Here are some semi-generic miscast tables by type of magic for use with spells-without-level Lamentations. They’re adapted from a list posted to… Read more »