Giving Thanks

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On this Sunday I thought I’d mention some figs I just came across this past week.

I am thankful they exist, and you’ll be too.

First, the explorer who made me realize the world needs more chicks with picks. I give you Miss Abigail Halsey:

You can learn about her on the Mythos the Game site. And you can buy her and her Priory cohorts on the Wayland Games site.

I picture this gal exploring a sand, dirt and rock tunnel. Then there’s that scene where the tunnel ends at a door of strangely marked impossible metal that shouldn’t be where it is. Obviously she’s not going to let it stop her. She gets the thing open. There’s that hiss of air, that wisp of swirling knee-deep fog pouring out. She pans her light around and spots these:


That’s right. Skeletal Spacemen. Skeletal SPACEMEN!

You can — and should — buy them on the Diehard Miniatures site.


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