People Are Talking!

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Save or Die podcast chats about Interloper at the 30 minute mark:           Ligers! And from their “In Memory of..” page: [P.S.: Thanks to Ian for the props and Lester for the goto.]

Flash, flash, flash!

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I”ll be a co-judge at Strategies Games’ Eighth Annual Immortal Brush Painting Contest. Here’s a screenshot of the announcement: Here’s a link (scroll down). I’ll be donating a few packs for prize support too!

We’ll find ‘im.

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Bounty hunter Tex and bloodhound Rex. Tex is a cigar-smoking southpaw space-poc Armadillo from Reaper. Find him here. I got mine through my local shop full of awesome, Strategies Games. Rex is by Warbases. He’s here. And speaking of armed animals: Concept art by Toren Atkinson.

No time for talk!

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These three are about to set out on their adventures across the ruined Earth: The Psychic Princess: The Wasteland Warrior and the Apeman: All sculpted by the talented Mr. Paul Muller.