Amazing Things Are Happening!

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Over the past month or so a trio of really cool things happened!


First, I was invited to talk with the guys on the Skirmish Supremacy podcast.

Check it out: Skirmish Supremacy

Good times! [The audio’s a bit choppy; I think that’s on me as it was my first ‘cast and my first go at Skype. So, apologies to Nick and Tim.]


Second, Interloper’s Cyclopic Chickens made an appearance on the Guerrilla Miniature Games YouTube channel.

Ash and Jay had a throw-down of This is Not a Test, the latest chapter in their series called Nickel-City Stories.

Check it out:

There was much rebawking!

[Then round two came out today: Nickel’s Back]


Third, Ganesha Games — makers of Mutants and Death Ray Guns — co-created a Kickstarter called Project Simian Ultra X. It’s cool. But what’s really cool is this: Ganesha and Interloper are collaborating on the campaign book for the project! Andrea from Ganesha is writing up my figs as the rivals and enemies of their Simians.

This is gonna be great!

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