H.P. Lovecraft and his githyanki bodyguard

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Because obviously. Githyanki are from the Citadel AD&D range. Numbers 69. Heh. Monsieur Lovecraft is from Uncle Mike’s Worldwide. And that book in his hand? It’s the Metanomicon. Two things: 1) I’ll be posting more about my githyanki collection over the coming weeks. It’s right up there with ligers; and 2) If you haven’t played… Read more »

We’ll find ‘im.

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Bounty hunter Tex and bloodhound Rex. Tex is a cigar-smoking southpaw space-poc Armadillo from Reaper. Find him here. I got mine through my local shop full of awesome, Strategies Games. Rex is by Warbases. He’s here. And speaking of armed animals: Concept art by Toren Atkinson.

No time for talk!

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These three are about to set out on their adventures across the ruined Earth: The Psychic Princess: The Wasteland Warrior and the Apeman: All sculpted by the talented Mr. Paul Muller.

Into the Badlands

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Green Team form a stack before breaching the notorious brothel The Honeypot Hideout. Skelias advances ahead of Gundalf while Heston covers the rear. Skelias is from this range (top right on that page). He looks undead but isn’t. His flesh, blood and organs are transparent. Walks around naked all the time; he digs it. (Edit:… Read more »