White Dwarf’s Treasure Chest

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Here’s another School of Magic for spells-without-level Lamentations.


White Dwarf’s Treasure Chest



This school is named after the source of its secrets, a box of sheafs and scrolls stolen from the White Dwarf of the Isles. Some say he wants them back; others call bollocks to that.

When determining a 1st Level Wizard’s initial spells, treat results of additional levels – whether higher or lower – of The Hellwalk Spell as duplicate rolls; increase or decrease (50/50; 65 rolls around to 1, and vice versa) by one until you land on a spell not yet known.

In case you want to use this list (with its 10th level spell) [and The Necromican (which contains numerous spells up to 12th level!)] in a conventional spells-per-level manner, here’s an extension of the Magic-User table for Lamentations:

Also, adhering to the method and manner of one’s School of magic has its benefits; researching familiar spells – ones you’ve seen cast or ones you know about but just don’t yet understand – takes less time and incurs less cost. Use this modified spell research table (per the one on page 82 of Rules and Magic) for such work:


You can find, I’m pretty sure all, the spells on the list HERE.

[Note: I’ve got a couple more Schools to post. Once I’ve done that I’ll put up a full list of Schools with some ideas on how to use them.]

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