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The Mind Menace for The Savage Afterworld’s World of Thundarr (scroll down a bit; the download link is on the right hand side):


10th Level Sorcerer

STR: 10 — INT: 15

DEX: 10 — WIL: 20

CON: 15 — CHA: 10

HPs: 50 — AC: 5

Mutations: Energy Retaining Cell Structure

Spells: 1st Lvl x 3; 2nd Lvl x 3; 3rd Lvl x 3; 4th Lvl x 3; 5th Lvl x 2

After teleporting back from orbit — Wherever that is! — Mindok reinstalled his disembodied brain back into his hover-helm. He doesn’t bother with the purple robe anymore since the cat’s out of the bag concerning him being nothing but a glowing green brain. He’s made some modifications to the hover-helm and suped-up his tracked, submersible war machine. As soon as he recruits a new general to lead his minions in battle he’ll set about seeking revenge on Thundarr & Co. for thwarting his plans of conquest.

[N.B.: Once it comes out — later this year apparently — I’ll be rewriting Mindok for Dungeon and Mutant Crawl Classics. I’ve got big plans for my boy here. Big plans!]

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