Starship of Dread

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I was recently flipping through the Fifth Age DMG and came across this [on pages 56-7]:

They’re talking about the Plane of Water. But it’s pretty simple to switch that for Space and replace “Isle of Dread” with Starship Warden.

If you think of the original disastrous “cloud of space radiation” as also being a temporal anomaly, a wormhole and a warp storm the “sky’s” the limit. She’s a dimension-drifting, plane-plying, time-tripping Great Space Coaster. Anything and everything can — and has — happened to the Warden. She’s been everywhere, seen it all.

You want a Chronosaur time team? Done! Alien Legion recce patrol? No problem. Terminators vs Terminators? Go for it! Were Justifiers secreted inside? I say yes. Have Zhodani Commandos ‘ported aboard? Affirmative. Are Greys mutilating cattle and probing primitives? At this point, do you really have to ask?

I keep the radiation cloud as the original incident. Then I mix things together like Swamp Water. Seeds here, nuggets there; encounters nearby, quests decks away. It doesn’t always work:

But that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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