Zhodani Commandos Redux

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These guys:


Do this:


So, informed by the article “Zhodani Military Organization” (JTAS 11, pg. 26), I did this:


That’s 575 points in Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

I pulled their names from here.

I pared back the guys listed above. Going full bore puts them over 700 points. I wanted to give them all of the following:

Combat: 3 (given they’re special operations forces) [See Consular Guard here.];

Teleport [from Song of Gold and Darkness];

Battle Dress (Powered Armour and Danger Sense) [Traveller Book 1, pg. 42];

PGMP-13 (see stats below) [Traveller Book 4, pg. 37];

Grav Belt (Flying) [Traveller Book 3, pg. 23]; and

Psi-Double Autoinjector (Drug: Psionicilline) [Traveller Book 3, pg. 45].

I’d also like to add the other half of the Group, led by Assisstant Group Leader Baronet Detspreflatl (as a Q: 3+, C: 4 Champion, pulling the Combat bonus off the Baron above). Hm, I might have to get two or three handfuls of these figs.

And here’s that PGMP I was talking about:

PGMP-13   Range: Long   Combat: User’s +3   Multiple: Yes   Cost: 13 pts

Weapon notes: The PGMP-13 can only be fired while wearing Battle Dress (Powered Armour). A model so equipped cannot fire after moving during its Activation, but it can fire and then move.

OK, I think I’ve got those Corsairs out of my system. For now.

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