Cayrels Ring

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I just read these:

The issues were funded one at a time through Kickstarter. I missed all of those (One, Two, Three). But my guy at The 8th Dimension Comic Store hooked me up. I waited til I had all three to dive in. Glad I did.

The story is good and the art ranges from alright to Alright! There are a couple of grand conspiracies running, some people on the run, a few life-changing discoveries, well thought out aliens, pirates, struggling colonies, megacorps, a cantina. The works!

The one complaint I have is there are a fair few typos. It’s not a deal-breaker, just annoying.

They’d make a good setting for any hard-ish SF game. I’d go with Machinations of the Space Princess myself.

You can find the comix on the webshop for Shannon Lentz. Or, you know, go see Nick.