Warlords of Def-Con 4

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These two are a little too good together. I say that because they’re practically the same film.

They’re close to the same length.

Their palettes are similar.

Both were released by New World Pictures. Warlords was filmed in New Zealand. Def-Con was filmed in Nova Scotia. ‘Nuff said.

They both have a similar “rules have changed” line delivered by a criminal pseudo-soldier to a captive woman.

The images on both of the above posters are only vaguely relevant to the content of the films they advertise. For example, there are no androids in Warlords and there are no skeletal astronauts in Def-Con. Would there were in both cases!

Don’t get me wrong though. If you’re up for a double-shot of early ’80s (Warlords is ’82, Def-Con is ’85) high-Cold War post-apoc despotic barbarism, then queue ’em up.

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