It’s Matango’s Island

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Matango is one of my favourite flicks. Love, love, love it!

Gilligan Mary Ann The Professor Skipper Mrs. Howell (sorry Buddy) Ginger Mr. Howell

L to R: Mrs. Howell (sorry dude), Mary Ann, The Professor, Skipper, Gilligan, Ginger and Mr. Howell.

And Gilligan’s Island was good too.

You know who you are.

These guys you know.

But let’s make one thing perfectly clear. It’s Matango’s Island!


Get it?


Got it?


Now that’s out of the way, I’ll tell you about a dream I’ve had. Two yachts wreck on opposite sides of a deserted island. Eventually the groups of castaways run into each other and a fourteen-person version of Hell in The Pacific develops. Plus mushrooms!



[P.S.: Look at the release and original run dates on Matango and Gilligan’s Island. Right?]


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