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[I’m saddened and dismayed it’s taken me this long to come up with that.]

So, here:

It’s yours.

And go back this ’cause it’s gonna be cool.

Now that’s outta the way, …

*** Note: the following isn’t a way to find out who your parents were, that’s already been covered. This is a method for injecting time — and the stories it forces — into the game. ***

How long has it been since the calamity?

Once you know that, if you break that timeline down into generations — say 30 years each — then turn that into a curved — to favour the present — table …

You can determine a generation for each or your mutants. Then let’s say one mutation per generation.

But how old are you? The age of the mutant is the inverse of its generation [1 to 10] x ~30; so that First Generation mutant is about 300 years old. He either survived the cloud and is still alive or was born immediately after the disaster. What’s his story?

A Second Generation mutant will be around 270. What’s hers?

A Tenth Generation mutant — given how many Coming-of-Age adventures there are — is say 15 or so.

You could end up playing someone who’s been alive since the catastrophe; what if you’re immortal?

Or maybe you’re a recently-born, literally hard-as-nails teen.

Exponential characters.

[Edit: Here’s a first rush at Generation Mutation. In accordance with The Total Person in Metamorphosis Alpha (Dragon 14, pp 24-25) I’m going with ~300 years (10 generations) since the disaster:

You’ll need 2d30.

Or you could goto and tell it what to do.

Remember, you get one “beneficial” mutation per generation. One thing I’ve been toying with is letting players pick their mutations if they stick to the original list; but if they want any of the new ones from The Mutation Manual, they have to roll.

Standard number and type of defect mutations still apply.]

[Second edit: OK, now I’m Marvin-level depressed it took me so long:

madness-in-a-can ]

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