Saturday Morning Khartoums!

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While not quite as perfect a back-to-back double bill as the Zulu flicks, Khartoum and The Four Feathers are still chocolate and peanut butter.

At almost four and-a-half hours, if you start early they’ll carry you through to lunch! If you get up late I guess you can watch the first movie then break for a bite; afterward the second film will take you through to tea.

If in the evening you want to play them out, I recommend either Howard Whitehouse’s Science vs Pluck or Bjorn Reichel and Christian Steimel’s Triumph & Tragedy Colonial Supplement. Daniel Mersey’s The Men Who Would Be Kings is another fun game.

And goto Major General Tremorden Reddering’s Colonial-era Wargames Page. Trust me. [Here’s another link. I don’t know which is better.]

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