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First, this:

Alien Machinations

OK, much as I love Mutants and Death Ray Guns it does lack a few things I really want. So over the past while I’ve been working on a number of expansions and mods for MDRG.

And now I’ve decided it’s high time I put them all in one place so I can find them when I need them.


The image above is one of the major reasons I’ve done all this. Aliens.

Mutants and aliens go together like chicken and waffles. You know, spAce-poc; like if Heavy Metal was a wargame:

Anyway, Alien Legion has always been one of my favourite comics; it’s been percolating in the back of my mind for years, decades actually. Then I got into MDRG. And then I discovered Machinations of the Space Princess.

Machinations is a great rpg in its own right. But what I especially like about it is its excellent list of playable alien types and their typical characteristics. (And it turns out the alien list in Machinations is nearly identical to this list on Wikipedia.)

The Machinations alien list is not unlike the list of Mutated Animal types playable in MDRG. So I mashed those two ideas together. Nuts and gum, together at last!

I will appreciate any advice on my alien list, especially from people who know both Machinations and MDRG. You can reach me through this site’s Contact page.

And speaking of playing an Alien Legion party in MDRG, I strongly recommend you pick up a set or two — like I did — of C-P Models’ Alien Federation figs. They’re pretty much Alien Legion, the minis.


I also wanted to add this guy …


… and his ilk to MDRG.

But unlike the magic system in Fightin’ Fungi, I wanted to take advantage of the hundreds — if not thousands — of spells out there in the wild for the various old-shool D&Ds (since I’ve already written my 3d6-in-order converter).

I wanted as many bizarre — but simply written — spells as I could get so I pulled entirely from Space-Age Sorcery, Eldritch Weirdness and Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Also, check out Reid San Filippo’s Crawling Under a Broken moon. Excellent work!


Finally, Tim over at the wicked-good blog The Savage AfterWorld gave me permission (thanks Tim!) to mod for MDRG — and publish here — his excellent Time-Displaced character race/class for Mutant Future.

Now I can field the occasional pulp gangster or Viking raider in rubble-space.


All introductions aside, here are my files. I hope you like them:

Increased Randomness in MDRG (Artillery is still under construction)

Aliens in MDRG

Battlesuits in MDRG

Broken Moon Wizards in MDRG (Apologies for the chaotic (heh) layout)

Cyclopic Chickens in MDRG

Time-Displaced in MDRG

Metamorphosis Alpha Converter to MDRG (or as I like to call it: Heavy Metal, the roleplaying game)

Star Frontiers Converter to MDRG

Traveller Converter to MDRG


[Edit: For a slightly different — and I think improved — version of my Chickens goto: this text that is a link to something awesome. That book also includes some classic alien types. And cannibals.]


[What about second edit?: I posted a link to these docs on a forum and somebody made a comment about not having a very extensive figure collection. He doesn’t use the game’s random generators because they often come up with characters for which he has no model. I gather he just uses the Warband Calculator to stat up minis from his collection on a fig-by-fig basis. I offer a meet-halfway solution:

Use the game’s — and these — random tables to generate your force. But if you generate a character-type for which you have no model, just add one to the roll until you land on a result for which you do have a mini. (Adding one to the last entry on a table wraps the result back around to the first entry.)]

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