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I’ve made some headway in my ongoing mission to get into a Spaceport Bar Brawl. But first, let’s talk about the fantasy fights I’ve found.

White Dwarf — bless ’em — have been particularly keen. They published four from Feb ’79 to July ’98.

First, naturally, we have First Age D&D:

Print the above brawl’s map at 135% for figs with 25 mill bases; if you want it to be a touch more roomy, go with 140%.

Then one for Second Age RuneQuest:

For 25 mill bases, print the rumble’s map at 170%; 175% will give you that little bit more room.

Then, of course, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay:

Go with 245% on this map for 25 mill base mayhem; 250% is the roomy option.

And — as well they might — in issue 223 GW finally got around to Orks!:

145% is about right for 25 mill bases in the brewhouse; 150% is roomy.

It’s got a hybrid Gorkamorka, Blood Bowl, Rogue Trader vibe, in that it’s the closest I’ve found to a SF bar fight.

There’s some great stuff for Brewhouse Bash! on BoardGameGeek, here. And there’s a print-and-play version of the rules out there in the wild somewhere. I found it fairly quickly so it shouldn’t take you too long.

The fifth and final brawl I’ve found appeared in Fight On! magazine — issue 11 — in Winter 2011. This is an OSR bust-up, written with Ur-D&D — and EPT — in mind.

Before playing the Bust-up you’ll want to straighten out a few things. First, you’ll have to renumber Yvan the Kazzak‘s description text to 20.

Then you’ll need to write up characters 18 — Zogias the Meeker — and 19Pleb the Meekest — (and 19a, his Werewolf! alter-ego). I assume from their names they’re also disciples of Saint Cuthbert the Tedious.

And to play it with minis on 25 mill bases, print the map at 195%; and 200% will give you that little bit more room.

I’m a bit disappointed neither Dragon nor Dungeon did one. Then again, neither did any of the Judges Guild mags, Imagine, JTAS or Challenge, that I know of. [If I’m wrong, send me info through the Contact page and I’ll update.]

But take a look at this, for the Sutherland illo if for no other reason:


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