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So this is happening on Kickstarter: Go and back it because it is cool. Cactus Jack in particular is calling my name. I’ve already got some ThunderChild figs; it’s all good stuff.

Atomic Six-gun Robo-Gorilla

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In case you don’t already know Atomic Robo is right up there with ligers. And the only way Atomic Robo could be better is if he was a talking — and smoking — Six-gun Gorilla. Lucky for us: Ape here; Bot here.

Orden del Hacha

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  The Spanish Christian women of Tortosa stand ready to protect their persons and property from the dastardly Moors. Rather than recap: Orden del Hacha Second Crusade   There’s a whack of manufacturers in there: Lead Adventure, Micro Art Studio, Freebooter, Reaper, Otherworld, and Vesper-on. I also have (unpainted, mind) her, her. and her. And… Read more »

MaK Attack!

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So this happened: Inspired by this post on the all-round impressive Agis Neugebauer’s site I ordered the pictured MaKs from the equally impressive coolkits (scroll down to the 1/35th scale figs). On the left is the Fireball Prowler in flight and on ground. Right!? Next on my list: SAFS-tastic! In case you don’t know: MaK… Read more »

Breaking Bard

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Featuring … THE RIGHT HAND OF GLOOM Mom, Dad, is that you? A classic among classics; the original Citadel Noise Marine. A different bard, who rocks so hard. Star Bard, once the front man for the space-poc metal band Man’sLaughter, now tours solo. Ever since that night. The night the show went horribly wrong; he… Read more »

Flash, flash, flash!

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I”ll be a co-judge at Strategies Games’ Eighth Annual Immortal Brush Painting Contest. Here’s a screenshot of the announcement: Here’s a link (scroll down). I’ll be donating a few packs for prize support too!

We’ll find ‘im.

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Bounty hunter Tex and bloodhound Rex. Tex is a cigar-smoking southpaw space-poc Armadillo from Reaper. Find him here. I got mine through my local shop full of awesome, Strategies Games. Rex is by Warbases. He’s here. And speaking of armed animals: Concept art by Toren Atkinson.