Song of the Petal Throne

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It’s my ongoing mission to make every figure in my collection from every game in my collection playable in Song of Blades and Heroes and Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

Here I take on Empire of the Petal Throne.

I got my rules here. I’ve looked them over a number of times and find them fascinating.

Despite the fact I’ve never played EPT, I wrote my Song-of conversion doc because I’ve got a dozen or so of these bad boys:


Those aren’t mine. That sweet paint was done by shadowking; you can find more of his four-plexes here.

And you can go and buy some for yourself here (scroll down about two thirds).

Before I could write a tight conversion doc I had to clean up a couple of minor inconsistencies in the basic character creation process. Find that bit of correction here.

And here is the conversion doc in all its Ever-Glorious, well, glory: Song_of_the_Petal_Throne01

P.S.: If you’re looking for some ongoing Tékumel coolness check out The Excellent Travelling Volume.

P.P.S.: Interestingly enough I just got around to reading the latest issue of Heavy Metal — #275 — which I picked up at Rx (love those guys!) last Wednesday.


I was drawn to it by “Cyberpunk meets Magic Realism” — two of my favourite genres of decades past — and the cover illo, both of which say Tékumel to me.

[EDIT: By way of a final test I ran the Patrons from Issue No. 1 of The Excellent Travelling Volume through Song of the Petal Throne. They turned out very well indeed.]

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