Cutthroat Mummy

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My latest foray:


There are a number of cool things about watching this pair of flicks at the same time:

1. They’re the negative — role-wise — of each other: Cutthroat Island has a power woman and bookish man, The Mummy has a power man and bookish woman;

2. They’re the same length;

3. The palettes are often similar;

4. Sailing ships and camels, the ships of the desert (my wife groaned at that one);

5. This one I wondered about in advance and was happy when it did occur: both films have the woman rescuing the man from prison at the same time, with nearly identical palettes;

6. Mayhem, mayhem, mayhem;

7. Crazy piles of golden treasure; and, my fave …

8. Both villains die at the same time, traveling backward left to right across the screen to land in water. For reels!

And now, because we truly live in blessed times, I find this on the interweb:


This will inevitably end up happening on my game table, so I should probably get a copy. You know, for “research.”

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